What Sap Commerce Cloud Means For Hybris Customers

What Sap Commerce Cloud Means For Hybris Customers

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It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are several strategies to consider depending on your situation. Working with an SI who can help guide you through this decision process for your unique situation is key to succeed. SAP Commerce Cloud empowers companies with out-of-the-box modules with ready-to-use functionality. We can also customize these modules by adding extensions in order to tailor them to the unique requirements of certain industries. Also, SAP Commerce Cloud now ships with a new frontend called Spartacus. Starting with the 1811 release of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, SAP has deprecated their legacy platform web services REST API.

Use SAP Commerce Cloud for e-commerce and PIM, and FirstSpirit to enrich product content and create digital experiences for increased revenues. Our customers have spoken, and SAP Commerce Cloud is now a 2022 TrustRadius Top Rated Award winner for e-commerce and order management solutions. We’re honored to receive this recognition from the B2B and B2C e-commerce professionals who use our solutions daily to drive profitable growth for their organizations. The SAP Commerce Cloud solution provides a trusted e-commerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction. With so many integration options, it can be tough to choose which option to move forward with.

SAP commerce cloud integrations

It helps to identify potential segments of customers on the basis of their preferences and likes such as brand, style, color. As a result, customers get a deeply personalized shopping experience, and your store gets increased conversion. Assisted Service Mode offers real-time customer support, both online and instore.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Adding loyalty points information to customer account when order is complete. You can easily test your webhook by triggering one of the delivered events. Way for external systems to receive notifications about changes in SAP Commerce Cloud. Many common events are defined in SAP Commerce , but you can also define your own events. Once the events are defined you can use webhooks or outboundsync to act upon the event. If you’re just looking at testing and monitoring the inbound-outbound services, you can look at some examples here.

SAP commerce cloud integrations

Furthermore, you will be supported by the larger SAP ecosystem and more in line with SAP’s long term strategy. Proven technology and can be used with very large CSV files containing hundreds of thousands or records. Well suited for non-SAP or legacy ERP systems that cannot easily make use of modern web services. The SAP Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce solution that empowers you to scale your ecommerce business and drive huge profits. It is built to fulfill the needs of B2B, B2C, and B2B2B business models. It is easy to personalize the platform to accomplish all the requirements and manage complicated catalogs and configurations.

Insurers Think They Are More Customer

Expressway is a non-standard integration solution for sending master and transactional data from SAP Commerce Cloud to SAP Marketing. It does not require an external server like SAP Commerce Cloud, data hub, so some may find it quicker and easier to set up. Expressway is an SAP Commerce Cloud extension that leverages many of the same extensions as the SAP Commerce Cloud, data hub option mentioned above.

SAP Commerce Cloud has constantly allowed us to scale up with our services and it offers a seamless process of scalability. With SAP Commerce Cloud, business-to-consumer companies are optimizing e-commerce to improve consumer experiences and maximize the average order value. By moving to a proven, innovative commerce platform, you can unlock business agility, secure your margins, and future-proof your CX strategy. When it comes to integrating with SAP Commerce Cloud, there are many options, each with its own pros and cons. With each integration, it is best to go through your requirements and establish, using the guidance above, which integration option might work best to achieve your integration. When it comes to using the main features of the SAP Data Hub, including analyzing errors, we recommend using the Backoffice Data Hub perspective.

Manage your media in your Cloudinary DAM with the help of its commonly-used Media Library features. Apart from fully integrated modules, Commerce Cloud offers more specialized ready-to-use solutions — accelerators. They contain best practices and unique functions needed for certain businesses or sectors and help them run faster. On the global scale, this solution understands the unique requirement and desires of every customer by delivering personalized experiences from acquisition through to retention, unifying all touchpoints at each scale. It consolidates all company marketing plans, KPIs, budgets, and tracking in one place for better management and collaboration. And real-time insights fuel discovery and visualization tools that uncover customer interests, behavior, and sentiments.

SaM Solutions has been providing SAP C/4HANA (ex. SAP Hybris) services for more than five years now. Along the way, we are becoming increasingly convinced that this platform provides a one-in-a-thousand omnichannel experience brought together with contextual customer services. Grow deposits rapidly and elevate the customer experience with FIS’ global expertise. This integration allows you to display Marketing Cloud content, such as recommendations and personalized campaign content, in Commerce Cloud. So by gathering data from Commerce Cloud for marketing activities in Marketing Cloud, the integration drives customer retention.

Own Integration Api

The solution also comes with powerful and comprehensive B2B commerce capabilities. Strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales with consistent, personal experiences for your customers. The B2C capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud give your customers what they want, when they want it, every time they interact with your business – online or in the physical world. With every interaction you can gain further customer insights, so when they come back you’re ready to deliver another great experience.

Prior to these versions, some integration options might not be available. Business-to-business companies are using SAP Commerce Cloud to delight customers with consumer-grade buying experiences for complex B2B purchases. Our industry-tested software is built SAP Commerce Cloud for Beginners to help you innovate while optimizing profitability and your customers’ experience. Having exhausted all the options above, you may find that you need to create a custom extension or extend some existing code that is part of your SAP Commerce solution.

SAP commerce cloud integrations

These tools provide easy interfaces for manipulating the data in the middle – avoiding customization to either system. We recommend that people with specific SAP Commerce versions should consider this technique. But be warned, another drawback is that Data Hub may be deprecated in future releases based on the adoption of SCPI as discussed later in this post. This technique is not as flexible as other methods we will https://globalcloudteam.com/ discuss, because when making a change to the model, it requires changes in both SAP Commerce Cloud and Data Hub. For example, if you’re adding an attribute to your catalog, you would need to change the code, rebuild, and redeploy both SAP Commerce Cloud and Data Hub. Also, supporting the Data Hub can be problematic for some development teams as it’s based on Core+ and requires Apache Maven for it’s build process.

Transform Your Commerce Software Into An Experience Platform

Its online community is weaker and less vibrant than many other platforms like Magento and Shopify. Implementation is generally not included and is provided by agency partners. It has a responsive and adjustable user interface that works perfectly on every device. The Industry Accelerators with their plug-and-play storefronts are ideal for a diverse range of sectors. Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s licensing model is also based on a retailer’s gross merchandise volume , with the average percentage being around 2% – 3% for businesses turning over between $5m and $25m. Once you’re turning over $800,000 per month, the fee turns into a revenue-sharing model, set at 0.25% of revenue with a maximum $40,000 per month.

Through one single integration, businesses gain access to popular cards, fraud prevention, and expanded global reach with more than 126 currencies and 300 payment types across the globe. Folders and collections can be used for access control and collaboration. Organize assets into folders and collections , define user groups, and then share your folders and collections with user groups or individual users at different access permission levels. Create an omni-channel B2B experience to rival the best consumer sites. The flexibility and B2B functionality of SAP Commerce Cloud give your customers the freedom to save repeat purchases and buy in bulk while providing self-service and account management for buyers.

  • In addition, you and your customers will be better protected from fraud and data theft.
  • When it comes to SAP Commerce ERP integration, however, when and how you enter that ecosystem can really impact your options.
  • By moving to a proven, innovative commerce platform, you can unlock business agility, secure your margins, and future-proof your CX strategy.
  • Although ImpEx was originally implemented to simplify the data setup in the system during development and this is the purpose it is still primarily used for, however it is also used by Data Hub and hot folders.
  • In the dead letter queue, you see the details of all events that could not be exported, for example, the payload and the error that occurred.

Now, the customer who has viewed a phone on your storefront may receive recommendations for a screen protector or a phone case. Explore solutions for improving your customer identity management strategy with SAP and EPAM. For details, see Asset management drill-down in the Digital Asset Management Guide. Its built-in “Customer Consent Solution” gives customers complete and transparent control over their data and how it’s used. And the “Customer Identity Solution” provides flexible and frictionless registration, authentication, and login experiences, all critical in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond. SAP Commerce is a leading omnichannel commerce platform because of its best-in-class features as well as its ability to integrate into the extensive SAP ecosystem.

Commerce Cloud aims to solve the issues with modules aimed at both B2B and B2C users. It’s adaptable, but only if you invest a lot of time and money into customizing it to suit your needs. With so many different versions, it can be difficult to find the answers you are looking for in SAP’s system.

Visit SAP Support Portal to report an incident or manage users, and visit SAP Community to engage with your peers and experts from SAP. You may not infer any product claims against SAP based on this information. Cloud Hot folders are built upon Azure Blob storage and are quite stable. As per the configuration recommendation, processing should be tied to your backgroundprocessing aspect. In production environments there are at least 2 backgroundprocessing nodes for resiliency.

Growing A Profitable B2b Digital Commerce Business

In the transformation editor you can apply, and preview various transformations, then click Insert to use this transformed asset as your media item. Unlike when using the Media Editor, your original asset remains unmodified. In the Media Editor, you can crop and resize your image to suit your design.

Spartacus is SAP’s new free and open-source JavaScript Progressive web frontend for SAP Commerce. It was initially released in May 2019 with SAP Commerce Cloud 1905. This enables customers to develop on top of a solid and extensible foundation. It also lets them fully customize the shopper experience with a “native app like” experience.

The Benefits Of Sap C

The SAP Commerce solution simplifies selling and buying processes on a modern, agile e-commerce platform. SCPI is ideally suited for replicating SAP Master Data such as customers , consumers , products, pricing data, and stocks. Data is represented using the Open Data Protocol which is a universal format for data transfer using simple HTTP messages. For large catalogs, bulk persistence allows you to update or create multiple Integration Objects with one POST request.

The Advanced Search feature lets you search by filters such as tags, metadata, format, orientation, resolution, or , even by image analysis characteristics, such as prominent colors, presence of faces, or image location. This architecture diagram shows how Cloudinary is integrated into various SAP Commerce platform components and the flow of media content around the system. You can control inventory and sourcing processes from a single place, no matter how many stores, warehouses and digital systems are involved. The Experience Management module within SAP Commerce Cloud, help you to frame the right strategy that will help you reach your customers by tailoring product information to their personal needs. Support for different buyer types, purchasing processes and payment options. For the price, you might hope to get features that are only available in the other SAP S/4HANA platforms or through additional paid-for modules.

This solution allows us to view and manage customer orders from start to finish, streamlining order fulfillment, and improving the shopping experience. SAP Commerce Cloud Order Management gives the customers a range of buying, collection and returning options while completing orders quickly and efficiently. CoreMedia supports – and can integrate with – SAP Commerce Cloud as well as SAP Hybris 6.5 .

There are many different options for integrating these two products. This article will focus on outlining the integration options, along with their pros and cons, to help you decide which option is best for you. Before starting, we recommend that you read through the article “Overview of SAP SAP Customer Experience solutions Integration and Extension Options”. We recommend that you minimize extensive customizations of data hub and monitor the progress of the pre-built integrations on theRoadmap. When they meet your needs, you should include in your solution roadmap the task of migrating over to the integration APIs and BTP Integration Suite.

However, many enterprise sites have significantly customized their controller logic and those customizations may need to be re-created in the separate OCC controllers or in client side code. Unfortunately, this can add additional effort when migrating to an OCC based solution, like Spartacus. Synthetic APIs can reduce this workload, which can be found on Layer0, along with AMP and SSR technology to optimize website speed for websites running on the platform. We can segment the customers on the basis of their closeness, such as a brand, a style, a color, usability, interests.

We upgrade your SAP Commerce Cloud-based solution to the latest version and timely fix performance aberrations to ensure sales growth and safe and robust platform performance. We carefully transfer your workloads to SAP C/4HANA to add value to your eCommerce, content management and enterprise resource planning capabilities. Worldpay’s payments extension for SAP Commerce Cloud provides a prebuilt, accredited connection to the Worldpay payment platform.

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