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The following report excerpt was presented by the Grand Lodge of New York's Committee on Correspondence and Relations, and was received and passed unanimously.

The final matter to be brought before Grand Lodge from the committee is the investigation of the Philalethes Society. The committee report is as follows:

We have been asked to investigate the Philalethes Society in light of the Grand Master's concerns regarding this Society's alleged attempts to interfere in Grand Lodge activities inappropriately. The following report has been submitted by the entire committee. Thus we are submitting the following report representing all of our views.

The Philalethes Society, from its inception has published articles relevant to Masonic history as well as presenting viewpoints on Masonic philosophy, education and relevant trends of a given time period.  Therefore we do not find that the Society has gone beyond its mission to "seek truth" in a variety of ways. 

Many New York Freemasons have had articles published in the magazine including Richard Friedman, George Peter, Tom Teeter, Elliot Saron and John Mauk Hilliard to name a few. Going further back in time, many of our esteemed Brethren from New York are found among the list of contributors to the Society. 

It is absolutely true that the magazine often prints opinionated articles, which stir up the thought process and emotions. The current editor only follows the example of such men as Dwight Smith, Jerry Marsengill and the inimitable Allen E. Roberts. All of these Brothers loved to get people to think and react.  At times the purposely "stirred the pot" to get people going, hopefully in a positive direction.  A great example of leadership is displayed by the Society in the movement to recognize Prince Hall Masonry. The Philalethes Society was able to educate individual Masons who pushed forward the idea in their own capacities and in their own Grand Lodges. 

The magazine represents one of the few printed media outlets where Masons can share thoughts on anything. We believe this type of free exchange is an individual tool in the arsenal of Masonic Education. 

Further, we find it interesting that free thinkers of the past such as Washington, Franklin, Hancock, Voltaire and others are venerated by the Craft, but free thinkers of the present are often viewed in a negative light. 

In conclusion, freedom of speech and freedom of expression will win out.  Brothers who find the magazine offensive do not have to read it. Besides, Officials and grass-root members of the Craft who feel offended can write rebuttal pieces and show the other side of whatever issue they are referring to and the publication does provide equal time for opposing viewpoints. We are of the opinion that the Society does not dictate policy and does not pretend to have such authority. Masonic policy and protocol has been and continues to be the prerogative and privilege of Grand Lodges. The Society is simply an open forum for the exchange of ideas between Brethren, and it is not a means to usurp the authority of any Grand Lodge. It is therefore our recommendation that this matter be closed and that no further action should be taken at this time.

The Philalethes Society
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