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Gönderen Konu: Mevlana and The Whirling Dance (Including Videos)  (Okunma sayısı 6514 defa)

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Kasım 05, 2006, 04:14:22 ös
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Mevlana and Sufism

There is such an ecstasy in the submission and orphan-like leaning on the right arm of the Mevlevi dervish performing the whirling dance.
The whirling dance is impressive, because even a person without the slightest knowledge of the Mevlevi teachings and practices, immediately perceives that the whirling dance indicates an entirely different world.
In fact, the whirling dance and Mevlana are the door opening to a truth beyond our known and accustomed world.
Come and let’s try to open this door part way.

There is something hidden in every human being’s heart given the name of “secret” according to Mevlana and Islamic Sufism.

This secret is not given to every person.It can only be reached by lengthy efforts and kind deeds. This secret is what the great Turkish mystical poet Yunus Emre meant when he said. “There is a self in me, within myself”.Indian philosophy and mysticism gave the names of Sublime Self, Real Self or Atma to this secret. The expression “KNOW THYSELF”, written at the entrance to the Delphi Temple in Classical Greek civilization, calls people to know this secret self-hidden in the heart.

Throughout history, many civilizations, many religions, many spiritual teachings and philosophies, the spiritual essence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic Sufism, have always struggled to make known the internal unknown self.

What we have tried to understand and open up is a secret. Some persons who have reached this secret are tongue-tied, because they assume the state of knowing what is not known. As they cannot know what is not known, there are no words to describe it.Perhaps because of this Mevlana chose poetry, dancing and music to describe what is indescribable. However, before he was called Mevlana as a title of respect, he was Jalaluddin Rumi. He taught at the madrasa, and gave sermons at the mosque. His hands were kissed and his prayers were received. He was a respected, contended Sufi and a very beloved scholar. According to Mevlana, the evolution of human beings has not yet been completed, because human beings were created to be mature, perfect and complete.

To be the Perfect Man does not mean to become a person who is good, ethical, philanthropic and full of love. As long as there is the ego, even to think that we can have these attributes is to deceive oneself, because the ego cannot see beyond it’s own selfish and urgent interests. To be the Perfect Man means to abandon all known positive and negative feelings, thoughts, actions and habits, in short, to set aside being a person and to take on the unrecognized and unknown consciousness, formation, existence and essence different from the ego.This change starts in the hidden secret in the heart of persons with the shining of the divine fire and light.

This is a complete transformation in the mind, in the brain cells and in the atoms of the body. This is a transformation into an existence where the body becomes lighter and transparent, the curtain is raised, the views become definite, everything is seen and known and is an existence that can exist everywhere.Briefly, human beings have a spiritual structure that is not a part of this world and universe. According to Sufism, this spirit forms the real self of human beings and it descended by degrees to this universe from other worlds, from the world of spirits and angels and it became apparent by wearing the bodily apparel of this world and universe.It is very natural for the spiritual presence not belonging here to yearn for its homeland. Human beings are equate themselves with their own body in the concrete world, and there is actually the longing of separation behind the yearning felt for goods, property, position, fame and power.

One day this pain of separation envelops and embraces the self so much that it starts crying and lamenting from the complaint. How could it not cry, the place left behind is the presence of the Unity, Almighty God. Thus, the reed flute is the symbol of this soul that has separated from its real homeland.It is for this reason that the famous poem of Mevlana’s starts by saying, “listen to the reed flute, how it complains”.

The reed flute, with its melancholy, sad and moving sound, is expressing it’s yearning to God to be reunited with the reed bed from which it was separated. The stages passed until entering into the shape of human beings after abandoning the presence of God with the command of the spirit “be!”, resemble the stages passed from the breaking off of the reed from the reed bed until it enters the shape of the reed flute.

God created from Himself all the creatures from the single-celled to the most complex, but He only blew from His own soul to humans. The breath blown into the reed flute expresses this. The inside of the seed flute is empty. It only makes a sound with the breath blown into it, while one end of the reed flute is open, the other end is in the mouth of the musician, and if he were the perfect man, then the sound heard from the open end would be the sound of God. Humans are also an instrument, like this reed flute, whenever a human confronts a perfect man, a real sheik, then he will become a human like a human, and will be emptied by being saved from himself. He becomes God's voice, God's mirror, and ascends and reunites with his God, and completes his evolution.The Whirling Dance ceremony relates the story in Islamic Sufism of the creation of the Almighty spirit called the Light of Muhammad that starts with the command, “Be thou!” – “be!”, the start of the descent and later the ascent towards becoming a perfect man.

Mevlana, who realized the union of existence and unlimited void, perhaps experienced a bang by him in which all the secrets were scattered around when he started to whirl at the Jewelers Market in Konya, 700 years before our time.

Mevlana, who is known as Rumi in the West, neither established a tariqah during his life nor set the whirling dance to the rules of today. He only would revolve and dance without following any rules as he felt from within when he entered into ecstasy. The whirling dance for him was:

“A path going to the heavens, a door opening to the heavens
A flight from life to death, a flying away from death to immortality.”

How beautifully Mevlana expressed in the following few words, the nothingness of human beings worldly values:

“The Indians, the people of Kipchak, the Byzantines and the Abyssinians!
All of them are alone in their graves and have the same color, how nicely they are lying there.”

However, on the other hand, for Mevlana, human beings are creatures who carry the divine light in their hearts and who can reflect God in the mirrors of their hearts. This is why Mevlana loved people; not that because they were humans or for the contributions they made to society.

“You that is a copy of that sacred book,
You are the mirror of art in creation.
Whatever you wish, wish it from yourself, find it in yourself.
Whatever you look for is yourself and that is you.”
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Kasım 28, 2007, 10:04:58 ös
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As there are many sects of Sufies, the path of Rumi, and his whirling dervishes is really untouched since centuries....


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