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Mayıs 06, 2008, 10:36:25 öö
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With all due respect to the Brothers who wrote this book,  Hiram Key is far away from being non-fiction.  However I have to admit that it has awesome energy in it and would make a great Sunday read. But that's about it really. There is almost no proof to the authors' claims and some of the conclusions they draw are nothing but non-sense (and I'm being nice). Everything they say about Master Hiram and his body that was supposedly found in a pyramid (now that's funny) lack of historical facts and od course proof. Unfortunately the book is also full of unsubstantiated claims.
I normally hate to say that "any" book is not worth the paper that it's written on but this one really pushes the limit of my tolerance. That's because this book is somehow pushed on the readers as "factual" supposedly it contains nothing but the truth. I beg to differ. If this book was promoted as fiction then I'd certainly be the first to admit that it has some fascinating allegations and awesome energy that makes reading this book a rather pleasant experience.
I found the Hiram Key quite anti-semitic too. In today's world where a lot of people are ready to kill each other because of their differences I believe the last thing we need is a book (allegedly sheds light on the history of the Craft) that (hopefully) unknowingly and unintentionally promotes anti-semitism. I have to admit that I had to drop this book and walk away from it just to read it later at times when I read things that sounded pretty Anti-Jewish and Anti-Catholic to me. I have utmost respect for the Craft and am extremely proud of being a humble journeyman seeking the light just because of the simple fact that Freemasonry not only promotes the religious tolerance and respect for others that don't necessarily believe the way you do but it actually "displays" those virtues through its rituals and members' actions .
I would suggest Jasper Ridley's The Freemasons. Ridley is not a Freemason and his book is (at least in my humble opinion) as unbiased and objective as it gets.
I'd put the Hiram Key in the same category as Brown's Da Vinci Code. Great Sunday afternoon read but no historical facts or proof.  As always your mileage may vary ...
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Mayıs 08, 2008, 03:19:36 ös
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I am still reading "Hiram Key" and I' ve found lots of thing in it but sure, I dont know if something is true. But I think that it is enough to me for now.