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Gönderen: Makbenah - Ocak 09, 2011, 01:21:49 ös
Dear Sir Mason,
Could you suggest me a few books about esoterism in english or turkish?
Thank you.Best regards.
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Gönderen: MASON - Ocak 09, 2011, 03:01:24 ös
Dear erim,

You should have read the description of this category before opening a new topic.
"You can make your Comments, Suggestions and ask Questions about the forum and the website to Admin. "

I would suggest you to participate in the Turkish section especially (Kitapevi) to find the answers to your questions. However if you insist on keeping connection in English you can search the English section. I, myself try not to give personal opinions/suggestions to non-Masons. Therefore you can either wait for an English answer here or start getting involved more in Turkish section.

Başlık: Ynt: Book suggests
Gönderen: Makbenah - Ocak 09, 2011, 06:55:38 ös
Thanks for your answer dear mason.i m sorry about  open new topic in wrong regards
Başlık: Ynt: Book suggests
Gönderen: masonoloji - Ocak 10, 2011, 01:26:54 öö
Dear Erim ,

Esoteric Teachings

Whether any religion, doctrine, vision, or understanding to embrace, if any religion, doctrine or opinion have not, because every human being is a being created, consciously or unconsciously, is located in the Genesis has to fulfill the need.

"Creation is required?" Answer to the question of the esoteric terms, "find out what is Generated to reach the Creator through the work" can be expressed in the form. The existence of all animate and inanimate beings as created in the human, physical and spiritual worlds to know, so you get the information through the rise and the divine creator in an effort to reach.

Reflect the views of the Creator and Creation, "Kabbalah-unlimited" Journey to the existence of the soul in this work after our book, tried to explain the nature and purpose. Long and arduous way to go. Be reached at the end of the road in any kind of effort in the pursuit of worthwhile
Author: Ahmet Akinci
Publisher: Dharma Publishing
Number of pages: 286
ISBN: 978-994-986-76-2
Date of issue: July 2008
Category: esotericism / Metaphysical / Symbol

I hope that I help you?

Fraternal regards