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Haziran 24, 2007, 11:05:52 ös
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This Interview has been made on June 26 2007 by Admin and A.E.

Admin Why did you become a Mason?
A.E.: I have made a big research before I fill my application and decided that Masonry would fit my own philosophy.

Admin When have you heard the word “Masonry” first? And how old were you then?
A.E.: I don’t remember exactly how old I was however I was pretty young kid. One of my dad’s friends was a Mason and we talked about it frequently. I liked him very much.

Admin Did he tell you that he was a Mason?
A.E.: Yes. Actually he wanted my dad to be present at that moment too but my dad was so busy at work those days, so he could not attend.

Admin Can I ask your Degree?
A.E.: First Degree of Entered Apprentice Mason.

Admin You are pretty new.  How would you know for sure that Masonry is a good and beneficial organization for you? They usually say “Ones on the lower degrees don’t know anything about Masonry, but when they get higher, deeper, and then you start to see some wrong sides in there.”
A.E.: I have never heard this. However, I never start on something before I made a good research about. I don’t just believe what I hear from people so I have read I lot about it and based on what I have read, you get better and more ethical person. Everything gains more meanings and gets nicer.

Admin Well, then why those beautiful things are only for men?
A.E.: As far as I know, It is because of the traditional reasons.

Admin What is the purpose of Masonry?
A.E.: The goal is to make person improve himself and make him more beneficial to his community

Admin Does you family know you are a Mason?
A.E.: Of course… My family already knows lots of Masons. Especially my father has lots of Mason friends. That is why my family was as happy as I am when I was accepted.

Admin Did you get invited or ask for it?
A.E.: They asked my dad to invite me so my dad invited me. However I had asked to my dad before to become one.

Admin How long do you think you are going to be a Mason? What would make you quit?
A.E.: Masonry is not something you should be able to quit. I have never thought of this. Masonry is my life style now and I will be active as long as my health lets me.

Admin Who is your Idol Mason?
A.E.: C*** Master and Master of my Lodge. They both are so valuable and important for me. They have good hearts. But unfortunately, C*** Master has gone to eternal rest a long time ago.

Admin You have explained the purpose of Masonry. What is your purpose in Masonry?
A.E.: My purpose in Masonry is the same purpose in my life: Improving myself as much as I can, and charity.

Admin How about poor people? Can’t they have the same purposes in their lives?  Why don’t you accept poor people to become Masons?
A.E.: There are some poor people who have better personality and more desire for charity than lots of rich people. However, they can’t have enough time also economic situations to support other people and Masonry.

Admin Well, let’s get to the things you all run away usually. What do Masons do in their meetings?
A.E.: We talk about Lodge business and community news. In some of those meetings, we also do Masonic work. Some brethren show their presentations and researches.

Admin What are those researches about? Do you mean you do presentations in your Rituals?
A.E.: Researches are often about the things which Brethren are interested to read. Also the researches which they make to pass their degree. I can’t tell you anything about the Rituals.

Admin Why?
A.E.: Things about Masonry, is not to tell other people than Masons. This is our most important rule.

Admin What is the importance of this much of secret? Can’t you help others without hiding something? Or can’t you improve yourself without secret things?
A.E.: You can’t really call it a secret. It is better to be called “Closed to public”. Unfortunately some people don’t know enough about Masonry and that creates danger for us. Also it’s person’s choice, to keep his own things secret. Finally, if you go to any fraternity I will say “Members Only” at the door.

Admin Ritual means religious pray. Masons do Rituals. But I thought Masonry was not a religion. If it is not a religion then how come they do Rituals?
A.E.: Masonry is absolutely not a religion. However Masons respect all the religions and they never try to impose other religions. It is also not allowed to talk religion and politics in a Lodge. Reasons of the rituals are traditional. We have allegoric and symbolic learning methods. Ritual makes it better, unforgettable and easier to learn. We also believe our work is important, respectable as something holy so we call it ritual. The interesting thing is, when you go to a bookstore in Turkey you will find the book about Masonry -even about anti masonry- in “Religion” section. I think the reason of that is because people know only a bit about Masonry.

Admin Why they know only a bit about Masonry? Who do you think have the responsibility for this? I mean people in Turkey know about Masonry less then they know about economy. How can this possibly be fixed?
A.E.: Reason of insufficient knowledge about Masonry is because of Masons. I know Masons didn’t want to show themselves and their work until few years back and I think that created lots of anti views. Now, Masons explain to public what the real Masonry is. They give information on their official website too.

Admin What are your comments about Clandestine, Irregular (ones are not recognized by us) Lodges?
A.E.: Those Lodges are not recognized by worlds regular Grand Lodges. Because they disobey to some rules in our ancient landmarks. That is why they are not to be accepted as Masons by me and my Brethren. They can not attend our meetings.

Admin What are the characteristic differences between a Mason and a stranger?
A.E.: It would be wrong to say there is a difference between them. There are lots of strangers already has a Mason characteristic. However Masons wait, work and get investigated a lot before they can be Masons and have right to get its privileges. You can say that is one of the differences.

Admin I think that would be enough. Thank you for your time Brother.
A.E.: Thank you Master. I hope I was successful.

Admin Good answers. I think this is a long and very informational interview.
A.E.: Thank you.
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