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Gönderen Konu: Admin`s Interview with a First Degree Mason  (Okunma sayısı 11217 defa)

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Ekim 25, 2006, 05:18:12 ös
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This interview made on October 25th 2006.
J.G is a 1st degree Brother from Australia

Admin: well take your time to hang around then let me know when you are
ready for interview. by the way did you look at the interviews on my
website. to get an idea what it is going to be like?

J.G.: Yeah, I'm just reading the one with the F.C.
J.G.: Ready

Admin: ok well. first of all. i have to ask you, is it ok if i put your
initials on the interview?

J.G.: Yep

Admin: ok lets start with what is Masonry?

J.G.: Masonry is the art of polishing and shaping of stone in preparation
for the building of stately edifices, Freemasonry is based on the
metaphors of Operative Masonry, and its a peculiar system of morality,
veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. It exists to make good men

Admin: that is a really good description but does it have any of your
comments? what is Masonry for you?

J.G.: For me, Masonry is a set of tools and a fountain of knowledge that
help me cultivate what's good in my nature and put it in use for the good
of mankind and the glory of my maker, and it provides me with a family, a
very big one, that extends to each and every corner of the world.

Admin: what does Masons do?

J.G.: Live to the highest morals discernable, lend a helping hand to
those who need it, and above all, enjoy the company of each other

Admin: how about in the meetings? what do Masons do in the meetings?

J.G.: Participate in catechetical plays that bring new levels of
awareness each time one participates in them, with awe and admiration to
the great Architect of the Universe

Admin: I have to say, you made your homework for sure. you know more than
most of your degree Masons.

J.G.: I hope to be worthy of your kind comment my brother

Admin: why the secrecy?

J.G.: The truths that masonry teaches, are only to be imparted to
discerning seekers, therefore it has to be imparted to men worthy to be a
student of such truths, but beyond that, what masonry teaches, can never
be put in words that convey the full meaning to a non-discerning,
speculative thinker

Admin: well if the Masonry that much of good thing, and it is doing good
to people, why the doors of the Lodge closed to public?

J.G.: The doors are not "always" closed to the public, sometimes they are
welcomed for "initiation" into the craft, after approaching a Mason out
of free will and a desire to become a part of the most honorable
fraternity in the world, one that is characterized with its Immemorial
antiquity, Universality and absolute irrevocability.

Admin: is Masonry a secret society?

J.G.: If freemasonry can be called anything, it cannot be referred to as
a secret society, for if it was, its the world worst kept secret.
Freemasonry is society with a few secrets, mainly our modes of
recognition, but beyond these, the lessons of freemasonry can only be
learned by being a part of it, they can never be learned out of books,
even if they were to be made available.

Admin: Why ritual?

J.G.: Ritual is an amazing way to learn anything, and after all, it
depend on each person's definition of the word, as children, we learn the
greatness of G-d by watching older people swaying back and forth in
prayer in awe and humility, as well as many other things, teaching
through ritual makes the material taught more tangible and less likely to
be forgotten

Admin: how old are you? how old were you when you become a Mason?

J.G.: I am 23, I became a mason three months after my 23rd birthday. Not
a long time ago, and I can say that my initiation have been a rebirth.

Admin: why did you become a Mason?

J.G.: I wanted to walk in the footsteps of great historical figures whom
I have greatly admired as I was growing up, Benjamin Franklin, George
Washington, and my favorite classical musician, Brother Mozart. I knew
that masonry can bring whatever is good and dormant in me to the surface,
and I still cant believe that now, I can refer to these great men of old,
as my Brethren.

Admin: what is your degree?

J.G.: I am an entered apprentice.

Admin: how long it took for you to become a Mason, after u decided to

J.G.: I approached my state's grand lodge and asked for an application to
join, I hid the application for a long time, about a year, I didn't have
the self-confidence to make an attempt to join the fraternity that the
greatest men in the western world have been a part of, but by the time I
read about Freemasonry's Universality, I had more guts to mail it, I was
shortly later interviewed at the grand lodge, and I was later visited by
a group of Brethren from a local lodge near where I live, and my
initiation was set for 4 months later, after due inquiry had been made as
relating to my character.

Admin: do you mean an investigation?

J.G.: Yes

Admin: Did Freemasons kill William Morgan?

J.G.: From what I have read from different sources, no one can establish
who was the cause of his disappearance or whatever that was conjectured
about him, but his storey is one out of many that had been much
speculated on by parties and government bodies with clearly voiced
anti-Masonic sentiments, who would do anything to harm the course of good
work that the craft have done to many men, who in turn have greatly given
back to humanity throughout the course of history.

Admin: So there is no any Bad Mason? all Masons are good man?

J.G.: Freemasonry exists to make good men better, it cannot turn bad men
into good men, people are thoroughly screened before admittance in the
craft, and from the moment they are invested with the badge of a
freemason, they are held accountable for their every word and action, in
and outside lodge room. Freemasonry brings about the realization that man
is mortal and is bound by his human nature, and is always exerted to put
it to the test

Admin: what happened in your initiation night?

J.G.: I was prepared in a state that made me mindful of the fact that I
am about to embark on a solemn and life changing experience, that of
becoming a Freemason, and I was received with great warmth, love and
pride when the time came for everyone in the lodge to call me "Brother",
I was truly honored by the experience and can only hope that, throughout
time, I will prove myself worthy of that honor, and of the good view
that the brethren had of me when they voted for me.

Admin: what happened in the initiation ceremony in the Lodge?

J.G.: I was taught, in a peculiar manner, a series of lessons, although
the contents of them were not entirely new, but were taught in a manner
to make them unforgettable.
J.G.: (I hope you're not bored, I'm just trying to be careful)

Admin: (no of course not. I am also testing you to see how would you answer
those questions when you meet a stranger)
Admin: ok well. tell me the details? tell me exactly what did they do in
the ceremony? everything you saw...

J.G.: (But you're going to publish it?) (How do you expect me to do

Admin: (don't think like I am a brother. think like I am somebody from
press and every word you say will be on a newspaper so answer like you
would answer to press)

J.G.: They details of ceremony, and its particulars, are not a part of
what any faithful mason can make public. Principal character, and I was
treated with dignity, addressed with the utmost respect and honored
beyond what I have imagined. But think of it, if Freemasonry exist to
make good men better, how could there be anything embarrassing or
humiliating about the ceremony? that's not how Freemasonry achieves the
goal of bringing the better in men.

Admin: well as you know, the public "which Masons call strangers" are
looking for the real secrets of Masonry? so what are those?

J.G.: The real secrets of masonry are lessons in life, lessons that bring
a new awareness, and as I said, they can only be learned by being a part
of masonry, this does not mean however, that the "un-initiated" "Do Not"
"know" these secrets, they are lessons that have been learned
collectively by many cultures, through religion and philosophy, but they
are taught in a peculiar manner that makes their incorporation into an
individuals life a sure prospect, unlike the superficial knowledge which
people can know through study and anecdotal teachings.

Admin: do Masonry involved in Politics?

J.G.: Freemasonry is a fraternity, while many of its members have been
well recognized politicians who have shaped the turn of events in the
United States and other parts of the world, Freemasonry is not political,
and the talk of anything involving Politics, religion and in some cases
"sports" are taboos in Masonic lodges.

Admin: is there anyway you would get out of Masonry?

J.G.: I do not understand your question? Can you be more specific?

Admin: for any reason; would you leave (get out of) Masonry?
Admin: or let me ask you like this. what would make you leave Masonry?

J.G.: There is no way I would leave masonry, in masonry I have a family,
relevant lessons to learn and great pride for being a part of it

Admin: Does Masons control the world?

J.G.: That is a very wrong concept that many entities try to promote, it
mainly comes as a result of ignorance and the obsession with "why the
secrecy" that the public has about our noble fraternity. Masons devote
a lot of time to bettering themselves, to be honest workers and
compassionate fathers and husbands, as well as the millions of dollars
they raise from lodge meetings to help those in need as well as many
worthy causes.

Admin: well of course i have more to ask but you probably need to go to

J.G.: No, you can go ahead

Admin: you sure? I don't want to keep you awake because I am off today.

J.G.: Lets talk a little more and see, you'll notice when I start
sounding stupid

Admin: you never would. cause you are a Mason. you always know what and
when to say.

J.G.: That's the nicest thing I have ever been told, thanks brother

Admin: ok well lets ask some hard questions... why women are not allowed
in the lodge?

J.G.: Freemasonry is a continuation to the workers guilds of stone masons
who have left us the great cathedrals of Europe, it uses operative
masonry and geometry as metaphors to teach valuable lessons, the
professions however, were, a men's profession, and the constitutions of
the grand lodge of England as well as that of many lodges around the
world, and here to that tradition. Any changes to the constitutions of
Universal Freemasonry which all lodges around the world and here too, has
to have the unanimous approval of all lodges around the world. This
however, does entails freemasonry the "sexist" organization title, which
is another way that anti-Masonic entities try to use against the craft.
Freemasonry teaches and have always taught the values of equality and
whatever values embodied in the Universal declaration of human rights,
long before its inception in the 1900's.

Admin: well how about the Atheists? Isn't there a Good atheist who may be a
really good Mason?

J.G.: Freemasonry is a science of life, of the cultivation of the human
mind, the truth of the existence of a higher power that willed the world
into existence is a self evident truth, and one that Freemasonry
considers the cornerstone of its existence. Some Atheists could be indeed
good men, but they do not have the basic belief in a supreme being who
have engineered the world into existence and Freemasonry to illuminate
the paths of many of many men.

Admin: why tuxedos? what is this much of respect for?

J.G.: In a Freemasons lodge, some of the members can be professionals
from the upper middle classes, government officials, or simple blue
collar workers, what's so unique about it, is that we are all equal, a
mason who is in a not so fortunate stance as those of others can still
become Master of the lodge with his hard work and personal merit,
therefore, we all have to be dressed the same to strengthen the sense of
equality we are taught. To believe in.

Admin: well i think this would be good. it probably going to take my hours
to translate it.

J.G.: What do you mean? to Turkish?

Admin: yes. I translate all of my interviews to other language and then
post it.

J.G.: It was good chatting with you Brother
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