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Gönderen Konu: Travel of the Board of Directors Members of Tehran Jewish Association to Kermans  (Okunma sayısı 2108 defa)

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Şubat 03, 2009, 06:52:16 ös
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On the occasion of the revolution’s Fajr ten-day ceremony, a group of the members of the board of directors of Tehran Jewish Association traveled to Kermanshah, aimed at visiting the city and solving the problems of the Jews in Kermanshah.
At the beginning of this one-day trip, Dr. Moreh Sedgh, Dr. Rahmatollah Rafi, Eskandar Michael, and Farhad Aframian had a meeting with members of Kermanshah’s Jewish Association. In this meeting, cultural and social issues of Kermanshah’s Jews, the needs of the Synagogues as well as educational and cultural needs of our coreligionists in this province were discussed.
Farhad Aframian, in-charge of the cultural committee of Tehran Jewish Association, referred to the equipping of the Jews’ library and the Organization of Jewish Youths of the province after reconstruction of the central building, as the most important priorities and he emphasized on strengthening and increasing the quality of the Hebraic language classes and education of the Jewish culture. In the afternoon, a celebration was held with the presence of the Jews of Kermanshah and Kamyaran and members of the board of directors of Tehran Jewish Association and Ayatollah Zarandi, the then Imam of Kermanshah’s Friday Prayer.
The celebration started with the anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bible pray ceremony by Rabbi Ghoddousi.
After Sharon Amjadian, the administrator of the program, welcomed the guests, Dr. Moreh Sedgh, the president of Tehran Jewish Association delivered a lecture, in which he cherished the memory of the martyrs of revolution and referred to the interaction between the majority community and Kermanshah’s Jewish community and emphasized on increasing the unity between all communities.
The next lecturer was Dr. Rahmatollah Rafi, Vice-chariman of Tehran Jewish Association. He congratulated the arrival of Fajr 10-day occasion and thanked the efforts and the concordance and supports of Ayatollah Zarandi, from Kermanshah’s Jewish community. He then emphasized on the coming elections of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and stated the importance of the participation of members of the community in determining the destination of their own society.
In his speech, Mr. Ghahramani, the president of Kermanshah Jewish Association, mentioned the history of Jews’ life in this city and said; “there has been a peaceful coexistence of Jewish Iranians and other compatriots specially in Kermanshah and the loyalty of this minority towards their country is admirable.”
He emphasized on the supports of Islam from the Jews over the history and also mentioned the interaction between the Moslems and the Jews as well as the role of the Jewish Iranians in formation of the Islamic Revolution and in the imposed war.
At the end, appreciations were made from Ayatollah Zarandi and a letter of commendation was granted to him by Tehran’s and Kermanshah’s Jewish Associations to thank his supports and cooperation.
In his speech, Imam of Kermanshah’s Friday prayer, congratulated the Farj 10-day occasion and thanked the board of directors of Tehran’s and Kermanshah’s Jewish Associations and he referred to the services of Mr. Ghahramani, the Chairman of Kermanshah Jewish Association as being very useful.
He then mentioned the observance of the rights of minorities in Islam and said; “our country is a home for all people and we have to live in this territory under the shade of peace and security, because we all believe in God’s unity.
He then cited some words from the deceased Ayatollah Broujerdi, and referred to the world of God’s unity and said that minorities have been always living beside the Moslems in peace.
He then mentioned the significant services of Dr. Nazari, a Jewish physician and added; “The Jewish community has actively participated in happiness and problems alongside other stratums of the nation.”
Ayatollah Zarandi called justice as the focus of all prophets and he considered the rights of all followers of Divine’s religions as being equal. At the end, he mentioned the fact that Kermanshah’s Jews are easily running their businesses alongside Moslems and they have a high security in this city.


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