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Gönderen Konu: His Will  (Okunma sayısı 2108 defa)

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Kasım 05, 2006, 05:17:50 ös
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His Will

Mawlana continued to counsel his people and invite them to the true path even in his final hours. His will was the following for his friends:

"I will for you;

to have a fear of God secretly and openly,

to eat less,

to sleep less,

to speak less,

to refrain from sins,

to continue fasting and praying,

to abstain always from lust,

to endure people's torment and ill-treatment,

to avoid of being with dissolute and ordinary men,

to be with kind and wise people. For, the most beneficial man is the one who does a favor for others. And the most beneficial word is the one which is short and sincere."

He also made a will for his son, Sultan Walad: "O Baha al-Din! If you want to like your enemy and your enemy to like you, then tell about him good things for forty days. He will become your friend, for there is a way going from tongue to heart as there is from heart to tongue. It is also possible to receive God's love by His great names. God, the Most High, says: 'O servants, in order your heart may get a pure heart, let not yourselves refrain remembering much about me. The more pleasure you have, the more brightness of God's light in your heart you have. Just as the bread of the baker. The hotter the oven is, the hotter the bread is. If the oven is cold, it does not receive bread.' "

Again, Mawlana, before taking his last breath, willed the following prayer to Seraj al-Din to be read both in healthy and troubled times:

"O my Lord! I want to be healthy in order to remember you much. O my Lord! Give me no sickness that will cause me to forget your remembrance, that will extinguish my enthusiasm for you, and that will end my pleasure I feel when I remember you. Again, give me no good health that will make me lead astray, that will increase my wickedness and badness. O the Most Merciful of the merciful ones! Please accept my sincere prayer with your endless mercy."
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