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Gönderen Konu: Brenda Fleming-Taylor Grand Master 1989 - 2010  (Okunma sayısı 2460 defa)

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Mart 21, 2017, 04:20:58 ös
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Prior to her Nomination as Grand Master, Brenda Fleming-Taylor was an experienced administrator at Headquarters and the Secretary of the Doris Jones Memorial Lodge No. 300. She realised that the policy of expansion at all costs had been too rapid and that there were lodges who found it difficult to continue. She immediately attempted to consolidate the Order by amalgamating struggling lodges where possible and by consecrating no further Craft lodges for the present (in fact, until 2001). Greater care had to be taken to select quality candidates who were willing to commit themselves for the right reasons.

The policy to publish the Grand Master’s speeches at Grand Lodge in The Gavel was welcomed as a sign of the new style of leadership - openness and common sense, with the free and honest exchange of ideas and information. Grand Master Fleming-Taylor’s tenure was also characterised by her more open approach regarding the position of women’s Freemasonry in the outside world and our pride in what we are. Friendly, if not fraternal, relations were established with the United Grand Lodge of England, with some use of each other’s Temples.

Having considered various alternatives, it was proposed that - with minimum refurbishment - the empty Nursing Home extension to Porchway House at Worthing could be converted into a short stay or holiday home. In 1996 Porchway House re-opened for short-stay breaks  and the Doris Jones Memorial Lodge No. 300 returned from London to its home at Worthing. The original aim of providing a residential home at Porchway House eventually came to fruition and by 2008 there were five permanent residents.

At the same time, the Charity Commissioners wanted to revise the constitutional and administrative framework of the Adelaide Litten Trust (which owned the two residential homes) under a detailed new Scheme of Administration.  They appointed new Trustees, the resources of the Fund were invested to provide income, Trust managers appointed and an Annual Report instituted to show all members how the Trust was run and its financial position. In 1996 a new and separate Trust was set up to administer relief to members and called The Order of Women Freemasons’ Grand Charitable Trust.

During the 1990s considerable work had to be done on the Headquarters at 27 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill Gate, including re-roofing the Temple, re-wiring the building, an upgrade to the lift and much redecoration. The work culminated in the underpinning of the Temple to correct subsidence caused by tree roots in neighbouring gardens. As it was our responsibility to maintain the Grade II listed building and restore it to its former glory, the Grand Master with foresight instituted the Building Restoration Fund to help pay for such expenses .

Several of the Degrees beyond the Craft, introduced under Grand Master Hope in the 1950s, had been in abeyance for some years.  Grand Master Fleming-Taylor entrusted their re-introduction to Right Worshipful Brother Monica Oktabcova, Past Deputy Grand Master, who was very experienced in this aspect of Freemasonry. These included the Chivalric Degree of the Holy Sepulchre and St John of Jerusalem, followed later by meetings of Rose Croix Chapters, Knight Templar Priest and the Order of the Secret Monitor.  The 30th and higher degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Rite were worked again after many years. The ranks of Chapter Grand Steward and Grand Rank were introduced, also Mark Grand Steward and Grand Rank. In 2006 two Chapels of the Commemorative Order of Knights of St Thomas of Acon were consecrated.

Abroad, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia were visited. The Mark Degree, Red Cross of Constantine and the Knight Templar degrees were introduced into Zimbabwe, but subsequently the political situation there meant that these higher degrees had to temporarily go into abeyance. The Mark Degree was introduced to Australia.

Grand Master Fleming-Taylor was also responsible for a significant re-organisation of the Board of General Purposes. The country was divided into Areas, each with a Grand Inspector.  In 1998 after due investigation it was agreed that members of the Board would be elected on an Area basis and representation would be proportional to the number of lodges in that Area. Voting for members would take place locally in the lodges for known candidates. It was hoped that by these means the Board would be truly representative of the membership of the Order.

Planning for our Centenary (2008) started In 2004. The Grand Master set up a Centenary Committee. The Quarterly meeting of Grand Lodge would be at Headquarters, with the major celebration at the Royal Albert Hall. The arrangements for this were undertaken by the two Assistant Grand Masters, the late Right Worshipful Brother Betty Wildman and Right Worshipful  Brother Zuzanka Penn. The Royal Albert Hall meeting included a procession of all the lodge and Order Banners, a musical extravaganza and the presentation of two cheques for £250,000 each to cancer charities.

In March 2010 Grand Master Fleming-Taylor nominated as her successor Right Worshipful Brother Zuzanka Penn, Assistant Grand Master. RW Bro Penn was Director of Ceremonies for ten years, is very experienced in the higher degrees and would bring the benefit of her commercial experience as an accountant to the office of Grand Master. The Enthronement was in October 2010
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Mart 21, 2017, 04:44:33 ös
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They looks like very serious and  and they are very determined for me..
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Mart 21, 2017, 05:42:00 ös
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 Para ile alınamıyacak şeyler günümüzde cok azdır.Parası ve zamanı cok olanlar,para ile alınamıyacakların en üstünde olanı arzular ve ararlar.

 Bu; ya daha fazla güç,yada gercek olana açılan kapı...Aranan,İlahi yükselişin sonundaki ışık da olabilir.

Aranan ışık ise...

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