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Başlık: Admin`s interview with a 32. degree Scottish Rite Mason
Gönderen: MASON - Ekim 23, 2006, 11:48:52 öö
Interview with a 32.Degree Master of the Royal Secret Accient and Accepted Scottish Rite Mason

Admin: What is FreeMasonry?

G.J.: The way of life. An outline and reminder of how we

should live and how we should treat ourselves and

others. By supporting others in democtratic progress.

Characterizing people by who they are, not qualifying

them by their race, ethnic roots or nationality.

Admin: What does Masons do?

G.J.: Give. Masons give and support. They give in the

means of providing good example of character.

Admin: What do Masons do in the lodge in a meeting.?

Discussing finances of the community and local organisation. How to support the charity better. Conferring degrees by teaching them what do they  need to know in Masonry.

Admin: Does Masons control the world?

G.j.: No.

Admin: Why people say that?

G.J.: My question is "who say that?". Anti-Masons. Then "why they say that?". My best guess is; for many years years, Masonry was closed to public. So i think because of the fear of unknown.

Admin: Why Ritual?

G.J.: It is a method of organisation to maintain the harmony by teaching people how to be a moral and upright man. To see the real reason of ritual; they have to become a Mason to figure that out.