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Başlık: Admin`s Interview with a 2nd Degree Mason
Gönderen: MASON - Ekim 23, 2006, 10:38:09 ös
This interview has made in october 11 2006. K.M. is a brother who is Armenian from Lebanon.

Admin: what is Freemasonry?

K.M.: Just as you know.

Admin: Thanks but i am interviewing you i need your oppinions with your comments. If possible.

K.M.: i dont know that much of turkish. can i talk armenian?

Admin: i dont think anybody would understand it here. i wish i could develop an Armenian section too. But for now; we need to do this in turkish or english.

K.M.: Reborn. You are coming to world again. Leaving your old world and coming in to a new one.

Admin: what do Masons do? Who are they?

K.M.: They are Brethren who try to make the world nicer please to live, who seek knowlodge and wisdom, who seek the secret of the peace.

Admin: why secrecy? why you are secret?

K.M.: to prevent any harm to the Masonry from the strangers who know Masonry wrong.

Admin: what do you do in meetings? what do you talk about?

K.M.: Information.

Admin: good answer but can you explain that more?

K.M.: scientific information.

Admin: Thanks. how old are you? and how old were you when you become a Mason?

K.M.: i was born when i was 24 years old. now i am 29.

Admin: what is your degree?

K.M.: are you sure i can give this information to strangers?

Admin: its just your degree its not so secret thing. and i am not gonna publish your name also.

K.M.: yeah. ok. 2.

Admin: can i put your initial on the website? i can write like K.M.? would your give me this permission?

K.M.: however you like Brother. you know more than i do.

Admin: ok thank you for your time.

K.M.: welcome