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Başlık: Family
Gönderen: steven - Aralık 12, 2006, 06:17:54 ös
Sorry. I am new to all of this posting, topics ect.

My uncle is a mason and about 5 years ago one of his masonic friends approached me and requested an interview. However my father disagreed and told my uncle that i was not to become one. So i left it at that, in respect to my late father. I have not mentioned anything more to my uncle about the issue.

But i always thought that one could not join unless they were appoarched by a mason and had an interview, with that persons and his family. And then there is a vote amongst masons as to weather that person could become a mason or not

Does a persons family play a major roll in that person becoming a mason? Do do masons look at a persons family and how they feel about masonary?

Başlık: Re: Family
Gönderen: MASON - Aralık 12, 2006, 07:31:04 ös
well it does.

Because; persons behavior and life style is so much related to his family. But that also doesn't mean that if you have a bad family you are a bad person. So the main thing they look at when they talk to or investigate you is YOUR CHARACTER. Your life style, economic situation, family and your reputation comes after your CHARACTER.  how would you be an Active Member when you family is oppose to Masonry?

However if you really are so much interested in Masonry and you are sure this is what you really want, there will be other Masons arround you for you to talk to them or in the worst case you can contact to your local Lodge and ask for petition.

By the way these options and comments vary in every country. i donno what country you are from so you can just take it as a little advise.