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Gönderen Konu: All entities are obliged to maturation.  (Okunma sayısı 1287 defa)

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Kasım 19, 2007, 09:20:27 öö
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All entities are obliged to maturation; it is quite a natural consequence of existence. Call it whether motivation, or conscious learning, the both are the concept called maturation. An infant’s avoiding from the heat due to the pain he felt because of it is an example for maturation by motivation. He experienced his catalyst and learned what is harmful for his evolution. Consequently, he matured, in simplest context.

Above we mentioned the phrase “all entities are obliged to maturation”. Matter is in motion. In fact, matter is motion and the motion is matter… In order not maturation to be, the motion must cease to exist, which is practically impossible (possible at the virtual point of -273 centigrade, which is accepted as 0 Kelvin). Let us consider atoms. Most elements are naturally unstable; the protons and electrons they contain are not equal in quantity. Inevitably, it attracts the conditions in which it terminates this imbalance, or runs to those conditions unconsciously, as laws of nature order. Both situations are principally the same. Here, we face with the “law of attraction”. The law of attraction is two-sided, or reciprocal. Let us consider the example of atoms again: a +3 loaded atom cannot attract another which is +1 loaded, they would never be able to come together because they cannot reach the maturation together which stems from the reciprocal relations of influence or effect.

This example is applicable for human beings also. Human being, like the atoms we consider, is unstable, imbalanced. Therefore, he tries to attract the conditions, energies, entities, relations, or events in which he would be able to eliminate the instability and imbalance that reside in himself. In other words, he falls into interaction with the entities that his ‘resonance’ fits. The succession of the final goal, maturation, is however depends on the man’s level of development, his free will and his previous experiences. Human beings should make deductions from the events that they face with. As Dr. Bedri Ruhselman states in his articles, “human beings must try hard to decipher the language of events”. Only then the graduation from the “school of world” could be possible, only then the chain of distressing events could be broken, reincarnation could be completed, only then more important and noble tasks could be undertaken in the universal function, and be mature!